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When is the last time you took time just for YOU?

A day in the life of a mother is filled with family needs, household duties, errands and last minute interruptions. How are you supposed to carve out time just for you?
You are not alone in your quest for a little “me” time... If you have struggled with taking time for yourself, you will want to read Mia Redricks’s new book, “Time for mom-ME.” It is a realistic, no-nonsense resource for mothers—with lessons and tips for finding time for specifically for self care.

Your Heart's Desire
Do you even know what you desire in your heart? When mothers are buried in activities, responsibilities and work obligations, they find themselves disconnected from their true feelings— disconnected from themselves. There is an essential need for mothers to take time for themselves. When you self connect, you create space in your life to hear from your inner desires.

“Time for mom-ME” is a manual that teaches moms how to reserve time for yourself, allowing you to be the best you can be. It spells out how to find time for your own rejuvenation—without guilt, without neglecting your kids and without adding one more thing to an already overloaded To-Do list. It is the magic bullet to discovering more TIME, exclusively for you.

You're Only Five Steps Away
Mia‘s book, “Time for mom-ME” is your essential guide for surviving motherhood. She spells out the five elemental cornerstones for creating a balanced, self-defined life. They are:

  • Personal Growth

  • Finding Time

  • Finding Meaning

  • Finding Connections

  • Finding Solutions


By following the practical steps outlined in each chapter, you will find yourself on the road to well being and balance. The special journaling section after each chapter describes the view on your way to self-connection.

About the Author
Mia Redrick is a popular speaker and personal coach who is an advocate for mothers who are trying to incorporate balance and self-care into their lives. She is the founder and CEO of Finding Definitions, an authority web community that teaches mothers how to:

  • Dream Big

  • Live Fully

  • Be Healthy

  • Personally Grow

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Finding Definitions mission is to help moms, Dream Big, Live Fully, Be Healthy and Personally Grow. I created this company to help busy mothers balance the rigors of parenting with strategies for finding personal time.
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